You would not go to court without an attorney so, why would you go before the IRS without representation?

Dealing with the IRS is stressful, challenging and extremely frustrating. The IRS can place liens on your possessions, take money from your financial accounts and even take money from your paycheck.  You need representation that specializes in this area of practice to secure the best possible solution to your tax problem.

I have helped thousands of small business owners and individuals resolve their problems and saved them thousands in taxes, penalties and interest.

Our Tax Resolution Process

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A friendly conversation in person or phone call to see if we are the right firm for you.


We review your IRS account and let you know what your options are.


We develop a plan that resolves your case as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Problem solved. Your tax problems are over. You have financial peace of mind.

“Everyday a tax problem goes unsolved, it becomes more expensive.”

-Gilbert Vincent Shepard

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